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Compliments of: Cutsinger's Home Accents

I was hungary and could not feed myself
You left my food tray out of reach on my bedside table.
Then you discussed my nutritional needs during a nursing conference.

I was thirsty and helpless,
but you forgot to ask the attendent to refill my water pitcher.
You later charted that I refused fluids.

I was lonely and afraid,
but you left me alone
I was so cooperative and never asked for anything.

I was in financial difficulties
and in your mind I became an object of annoyance.

I was a nursing problem
and you discussed the theoretical basis of my illness,
And you did not even see me.

I was thought to be dying and thinking I could not hear,
you said you hoped I would not die before it was time to finish your day
because you had an appointment at the beauty parlor before your evening date.

You seem so well educated, well spoken, and so very neat in your spotless unwrinkled uniform.
But when I speak you seem to listen, but do not hear me.

Help me, care about what happens to me,
I am so tired, so lonely and so afraid.
Talk to me~reach out to me~take my hand.
Let what happens to me matter to you.

Please, nurse, listen.

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