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A Friend

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I will not think that I have failed,
Or lived my life in vain,
if to my credit I shall find
One friend to be my gain,
And tho' the Road of Life is rough,
With mountains hard to climb;
I find there's joy along the way,
And the journey it is fine.

If there's a friend beside me;
To cheer me with his song,
To smile his understanding,
When everything goes wrong;
It gives me strength and courage,
The mountains to ascend,
And I find that Life's worth Living,
As long as there's a friend.

Then be not hasty when I'm gone,
To say I lived in vain,
Tho' ghosts of many failures,
Like monuments remain,
But when life's sun is sinking,
And I reached my journey's end;
Then count my earthly riches
In the number of my friends.


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