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"Our Wedding Picture & Wedding Song in the Background"


Hello, my name is Tricia. Welcome to my web pages! I am 34 yrs old, married to a loving & caring man, Ed. We have 4 boys;
Jordan (16 yrs), Brandon (12 yrs), and Tyler (2 yrs), & Dakota (6 mths)! I am a Stay-At-Home Mom and Loving it!!

I have a love for all animals, especially Rottweilers & Great Pyrenees. Rott's are the
best dogs to have for protection and if treated right, a good family dog!
Great Pyrenees are wonderful and loving dogs too...Big giant babies!
rott Pyro 2 1/2 yrs. old - In Memory of our Baby! He passed away June 26th, 2003 for unknown reasons rott

I am a shy, quiet type person, until you get to know me. Then the
wild side comes out! I love computers, making new friends,
and that sort of stuff.

I have made quite a few pages and linked every page together. I have also made some for family, friends, & businesses. Check
them out! Thanks for visiting....

My pages are currently being redone, some will be moved to my new site:

My Friends Pages

Bennie's pic
Bennie's page is no longer available!

"NiteOwl's Link's To Trading Cards"

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